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V-Silicon's First Smart HD TV Processing Main SoC Back to Light, Mass Production in Q4

On July 10, V-Silicon Semiconductor (Hefei) Co., Ltd. announced that its first smart HD TV processing main SoC was lit on July 6, and the complete video channel was tuned on July 9, with normal SoC function, marking the localization of smart TV SoC forward.
V-Silicon Semiconductor is a global IC design company, headquartered in Hefei, with R&D and technical support teams in Shanghai, Taiwan, Silicon Valley, Eindhoven, the Netherlands and Hanoi, Vietnam. 2018, the company successfully acquired the smart TV SoC-related business of the former NASDAQ-listed Sigma Designs under the leadership of Linxin Investment, and established V-Silicon Semiconductor (Hefei) in Hefei in the same year. The company has the world's leading technology and complete patent reserve in the field of ultra-high-definition audio&video, and its products are mainly used in the fields of smart TV, smart commercial display, smart projection, smart set-top box and AI audio and video system terminal.

The V-Silicon VST3100 is a new generation of intelligent FHD TV SoC that uses V-Silicon's self-developed PQ algorithm to support up to 4K decoding, providing consumers with an immersive sound and picture quality experience; it also uses a 28nm manufacturing process to ensure low power consumption performance while running at high performance.

The SoC is suitable for mainstream full HD smart TV, smart commercial display, smart projection, smart advertising screen and other applications, and can be delivered on a turnkey basis to help customers shorten the product mass production cycle, help the rapid development of the global UHD industry chain, provide end users with the ultimate audio and video experience, and build a smart home ecology with the smart screen as the core. The SoC will be subject to strict performance and aging tests and is expected to be officially introduced into mass production in the fourth quarter of this year.

It is reported that the 8K UHD display SoC is also under planning and will be launched at a later date. In the future, the whole line of V-Silicon will cover the processing main SoC from HD to UHD, and will be expected to work together with domestic OEMs to promote domestic substitution.
At present, there is still a huge localization gap to be filled in the field of high-end SoCs for domestic smart TVs. With the rise of domestic LCD panel industry, the localization of display supply has been basically solved, but the bottleneck of mid- and high-end display SoCs still needs to be broken. With consumers' continuous pursuit of high picture quality, high sound quality and IoT ecology, as well as the policy support of the National Action Plan for the Development of Ultra HD Video Industry, the evolution of smart TV performance continues, and the outbreak of downstream demand will continue.

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