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HD Picture Quality V-Silicon's new generation of image processing technologies: MEMC, HDR, SSR3 and DS5, improve the smart UHD TV, and give users a clearer and smoother picture quality experience.

Advanced Security V-Silicon protects consumers' information security through digital rights management (DRM), trusted execution environment (TEE), power protection and confidentiality management for audio and video content, documents, personal data, asset security, etc.

Self-developed Sound Effects To bring users better immersive sound effects, V-Silicon’s self-developed advanced audio DSP and Audio Processor (MSP) focused on optimizing digital broadcast reception of TV and other audio applications requiring high processing capacity and numerous interfaces.

「 Technical Support 」

Operating system and software: V-Silicon with senior software developing experience provides customers with operating systems, which suits for Linux, Andriod and have been widely used in the European and American TV markets for many years.

Dedicated to the Development of Global UHD Audio and Video Industry More


V-Silicon's top management team possesses over 20-year management experience in multinational companies, and the R&D team has senior experience in terms of development and design. 10% of employees possess PhD, and the employees with master’s degree accounts for over 60%.



V-Silicon’s products are applied to smart TV, smart business display, smart projection, smart set-top box, AI audio/video system terminal and other fields. Sigma Designs, which is the predecessor of V-Silicon, mass-produced the world's first H.265 4K UHD smart TV SOC.



V-Silicon’s team has more than 20 years of SOC R&D experience, leading-edge picture quality technology, and strategic partnerships with foundries to provide SOCs with low power consumption and high performance.



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