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News We will Share with You the Latest Developments of Our SOCs and the Industry

News \ News We will Share with You the Latest Developments of Our SOCs and the Industry

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V-Silicon Chairman Interviewed by Hefei News Channel "Industry front line" Column 2021 “the sixth Cross-Straits Semiconductor Industry (Hefei) Summit Forum”opened. As a brand conference promoting cross-strait semiconductor industry exchanges, cross-strait Semiconductor (Hefei) Summit forum has played an important role... 阅读全文 > 2022/05/09

V-Silicon Completed a Series B financing Round of Nearly 100 Million Yuan Recently, V-Silicon,a leading intelligent TV IC design company in the industry, has completed a Series B financing round of nearly 100 million yuan. This round was led by Beijing Yitang Chang Hou, and followed by VeriSilicon and other institutions.... 阅读全文 > 2021/10/11

V-Silicon's ESVP Alan Chiang:"TV is the core of the smart home." 2021 China Semiconductor Investment Alliance Annual Conference and China IC Awards Ceremony was held in Beijing. V-Silicon (Hefei) Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "V-Silicon") was awarded the "Annual Emerging Company" of 2021 China IC Awards.... 阅读全文 > 2021/10/11

V-Silicon Sets in Hefei to focus on Smart TV SoC and Tries to Develop China’s HD Video Market The smart TV SoC acquisition project led by Linxin Investment -- "V-Silicon Semiconductor (Hefei) Co., LTD." was recently landed in Hefei, which is an important layout of Linxin Investment in the smart TV SoC field.... 阅读全文 > 2021/10/11

V-Silicon's First Smart HD TV Processing Main SoC Back to Light, Mass Production in Q4 On July 10, V-Silicon Semiconductor (Hefei) Co., Ltd. announced that its first smart HD TV processing main SoC was lit on July 6, and the complete video channel was tuned on July 9, with normal SoC function, marking the localization of smart TV SoC fo... 阅读全文 > 2021/10/11