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V-Silicon Completed a Series B financing Round of Nearly 100 Million Yuan

Recently, V-Silicon,a leading intelligent TV IC design company in the industry, has completed a Series B financing round of nearly 100 million yuan.

This round was led by Beijing Yitang Chang Hou,and followed by VeriSilicon and other institutions.

Mr. Wan Rong, president of Beijing Yitang Chang Hou Fund, said: "At this stage, there is still a huge gap to be filled in the domestic smart TV high-end SoC. In the past, China's display industry faced the dilemma of 'lack of core and less screen'. With the rise of the domestic LCD panel industry, the supply of display localization has been basically solved, but the bottleneck of middle and high-end display chips still needs to be broken through. With consumers' continuous pursuit of high picture quality, high sound quality and IoT ecology, as well as the policy support of the National Action Plan for the Development of Ultra HD Video Industry, the performance evolution of smart TV is continuing, and the explosion of downstream demand will continue. Yi Tang Changhou has the honor to participate in this round of financing, and is firmly optimistic about V-Silicon's development space in the domestic UHD video field."
Mr. Dai Weimin, Chairman of VeriSilicon said, "What VeriSilicon values is V-Silicon's complete industry patent reserve, the leading UHD audio & video technology and mature experience in mass production of mid- to high-end TV SoC. We are looking forward to the excellent development of V-Silicon under the favorable market trend and the current domestic development background."

Mr. Li Yajun, Chairman of V-Silicon, said, "V-Silicon team is committed to the research and development of technology and products in the field of UHD audio and video. The company's first full HD smart TV SoC has been successfully lit up and is expected to be mass-produced by the end of the year. Meanwhile, the smart vision AI field and 4K/8K UHD display SoC are also planned and developed, which will be launched one after other in the next two years." 

V-silicon, an international IC design company providing SoC and turnkey solutions for smart TV, smart set-top box and machine vision, founded in October 2018. The headquarter is located at Heifei with R&D, sales and technical support teams in Shanghai, Taipei, Silicon Valley, Eindhoven and Hanoi. The core technology of the company comes from NXP in the Netherlands, Micronas in Germany, Trident and Sigma Designs in the United States. It possesses the world leading technology and richly accumulated customer in the field of UHD audio and video with a complete patent reserve in the audio and video industry.

Products are mainly used in smart TV, smart business display, smart projection, smart set-top box and AI audio&video system terminal and other fields.

Through nearly two years of R&D and testing, V-Silicon's first FHD smart TV SoC lit up on July 6, and achieved complete video channel all tuned throughthe SoC function is normal, and is expected to be shipped at the end of the year, marking an important step forward in the localization of smart TV SoC.

V-Silicon focuses on the global smart TV and set-top box market, providing advanced audio and video, picture quality technology innovation, while providing smart video SoC and turnkey solutions, to build smart home, smart community, smart city.

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