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V-Silicon Chairman Interviewed by Hefei News Channel "Industry front line" Column

2021 “the sixth Cross-Straits Semiconductor Industry (Hefei) Summit Forum”opened. As a brand conference promoting cross-strait semiconductor industry exchanges, cross-strait Semiconductor (Hefei) Summit forum has played an important role in promoting cross-strait integrated circuit enterprises cooperation, enhancing cross-strait industrial interaction and resource complementarity.

Mr. Li Yajun, chairman of V-Silicon, a SoC design company headquartered in Hefei, attended the forum and was interviewed by Hefei News Channel's "Industry Front Line" column.

In the interview, Mr. Li Yajun introduced reverse core team is going to mass production VST3100 FHD smart TV SoC, he said: "the SoC built-in quad-core ARM CPU, integration of advanced audio DSP, combined with reverse core team since the research of display technology, the highest support 4 k decoding, with telepresence sound quality and quality experience for consumers. The SoC is currently mainly applicable to mainstream FHD smart TV, intelligent business display, intelligent projection, intelligent advertising screen and other applications. Turnkey delivery can be achieved according to customer needs, to help customers shorten the product mass production cycle."

It is worth mentioning that VST3100 won the "Science and Technology Innovation Award" issued by the Electronic Video Association under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which is the only award in the field of audio and video filed by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Mr. Li Yajun also said: "at present, we are actively expanding cooperation with major machine manufacturers, such as TCL, Hisense, Xiaomi and CVTE and other customers."

In addition to many years of experience in display technology, V-Silicon team has a certain overseas customer resource base in the field of TV and set-top box, and its products have been shipped steadily overseas for many years.

Regarding the future product planning, Mr. Li Yajun said: "In the field of intelligent display and intelligent vision AI, we are also planning and development, the company will launch some IPC chips and 4K/8K UHD intelligent display chips in the next two years."

Adhering to the concept of scientific and technological innovation, V-silicon insists on providing users with the ultimate audio and video experience through the deep integration of AI, algorithms and computing power, and provides a stable foundation for building smart homes. We believe that under the favorable market trend and domestic development background, V-Silicon will have a broader development prospect.


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